“We are delighted that BUMBLEance has been chosen as the charity partner for Indie Week 2014.  At BUMBLEance we use our on-board entertainment systems, iPad, Playstation, Wi-Fi and music and video library to entertain and distract sick children from their illnesses.  Partnering with Indie Week is the perfect match for us.”

Tony Heffernan, Founder and CEO of the Saoirse Foundation

BUMBLEance is the World’s first fully interactive and most modern children’s service on the road and BUMBLEance is our solution for sick children who require ambulance transportation between home and the national treatment centres, children’s hospitals, hospice and respite centres. Every parent can relate to and understand how stressful an ambulance journey can be for a sick child. Most parents realize that transporting healthy children by car can be an experience in its own right and keeping the children entertained makes the journey better for everyone.